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Some links to other relevant sites . . .

Pepper Adams - One of my all-time favorites
Alan Barnes - Jazz Saxophonist (plays all of 'em)
Nick Brignola - Poll winning Jazz Baritone saxophonist
John Robert Brown - Writer and Musician
CASS - Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain
Ronnie Cuber - Jazz Baritone saxophonist (Zappa alumnus)
Tony Faulkner - Drummer Arranger Band leader and collegue
Gerry Mulligan - 'nuff said! - - "Official Site"
Leigh Pilzer - Groovy jazz saxophonist (and some useful Jazz links)
Loren Schoenberg - Jazz saxophonist, writer and educator
Jazz in Leeds - Nigel Slee String bass player (and gig organiser in Leeds)
Gary Smulyan - Jazz Baritone Sax
JazzUK - hosted by Jazz Services UK
Glenn Wilson's Baritone Jazz Site - join the Members Area for 'cool' extras
Zappa Archive Stuff - amazing site for all Zappaologists - the 'official' Frank Zappa website