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CD01 - " Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band - One For The Road "

Cover 01

This live recording by P.E.K.Sound(PKCD-224) was made in May 2003 at Risley Park Hotel, near Derby. I worked with the Band from 2002 to 2005, touring all over the U.K. and Europe. This album, and the next one, features the great Midlands' drummer, Pete Cotterill.
Check out the P.E.K.Sound catalogue here.

CD02- " Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band - One For My Baby "

Cover 02

This is the second Old Green River Band album from P.E.K.Sound (PKCD-241), this time recorded at the Bollington Arts Centre, Macclesfield, in December 2003. Pete Cotterill is on this again and it is probably his last recorded appearance. Sadly, Pete died in March 2005.

CD03 - " Sentimental Clarinet "

Cover 03

This particular album contains selections from my first home-grown album featuring the clarinet. The album has a few original compositions as well as a good number of favourites.

CD04 - " Bossamba "

Cover 04

As the title of this selection suggests, this album consists of all Latin numbers ranging from Bossa Nova to Samba and Calypso.

[Still work in progress. Watch this space!]
[Note. The numbering is OK. CD05 is still just an idea at present.]

CD06 - " Sentimental Saxophone "

Cover 06

Similar to the clarinet album above, this album features well-known numbers associated with the baritone and tenor saxophones (Body & Soul, Sophisticated Lady, etc.).

[Still work in progress. Watch this space!]

CD07 - " Blue Baritone "

Cover 07

This album consists entirely of Blues, including a number of original compositions.

[Still work in progress. Watch this space!]