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"Better a semi-colon than a full stop" . . . [James P McAuley]

Tony Denton | Pinders Heath | Wakefield | WF1 4TH | Telephone: 07863786344

What's it all for? . . .

Hello There! - This is Tony Denton, a.k.a.Bariman.
I'm a jazz reed-player, playing baritone and tenor saxophones and clarinet, and am based in the north of England.
I have been playing now, for more years than I care to remember!

My pathway to the music started with a year of two of piano lessons, (which I didn't do particularly well at, but which has served me later in life!). I 'drifted' into jazz, getting my first clarinet in 1959, but quickly discovered Charlie Parker. I then added an alto saxophone and, after a year or two of this, bought an old second-hand Lewin baritone sax. The baritone became my main instrument and continues to be so to this day. I now play a 1933 Conn 12M. I still play the clarinet and also a 1950 Conn 10M Tenor.

I've had a website now for nigh on twenty years. And, although the appearance and content keep changing, I hope there has been a noticeable improvement over my earlier efforts.
My purpose is to offer a forum for views on any of the topics which I'm interested in. These include most forms and styles of music (jazz and classical); selected popular music (especially Frank Zappa and Steely Dan); literature (my taste is eclectic, ranging from James Joyce, George Gissing, D H Lawrence, Anthony Burgess, Dylan Thomas, R S Thomas, etc. etc.)

I hope you find the content of interest and, if it stimulates a desire to contact me, then it will have done its job.

Cheers. Tony